LioChem is a leading manufacturer of quality printing inks, coatings, plastic colorants, and functional dispersions. Founded in 1988 as part of the worldwide artience group, LioChem merged dispersion technology systems from Japan with innovative manufacturing facilities in the US to become a recognized industry leader.

Emphasis on technology, education, and extensive support services has led to a solid reputation for achieving customer satisfaction in highly competitive markets.

A bird 's eye view of an industrial area.

The Technology of Color

Anticipating customer needs for high-quality performance products is central to our business, and building quality into those products is what we do best. Equipped with advanced capabilities in Conyers, Georgia, and other artience R&D centers around the world, our engineers continuously push for improvements and innovation. As a member of the artience group, LioChem collaborates on projects in the Americas, Asia, Europe, and other parts of the world to ensure that the global capability of the company is fully leveraged. LioChem is an ISO9001 registered company.

Environmentally Conscious

LioChem is committed to the highest standards in safeguarding the environment for future generations. R&D activities, as well as continuous improvements, are focused on the reduction of waste, pollution, and energy consumption. LioChem is an ISO14001 registered company.




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